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Counselling Services

Counselling can be face to face, over the telephone or online.  Your individual circumstances will influence your decision, for example you may have a particular preference that works best for you.

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Face to Face Counselling

Face to face counselling is normally the option chosen as it easily enables a connection to be made.  Humans need interaction and connection, and this aids the process of counselling.
Counselling is where a therapist sees a client in a confidential setting in order to explore a difficulty the client is having.  The counsellor works in a principled way adhering to a Code of Ethics and is properly trained and qualified.
The counsellor will strive to maintain the counselling relationship by listening non-judgementally, by showing that they are understanding, and by being honest in the relationship.  The counsellor will be non-directive and allow the client to lead the process, after all, it is the client who knows themselves best of all.

What Clients Say

“Georgina is an incredible person, she really listened to me and helped me through the emotional stress, I finally got closure from all my troubles and I could not have got through it without her.  I would fully recommend Georgina to anyone.”

'When I went to counselling I felt comfortable talking to Georgina. She helped me to deal with a traumatic event and the difficult emotions connected to it.  We explored different ways of thinking through conversation and after a few sessions I felt able to move on with my life."

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